Bricco Torricella

Our residence

Nestled amongst the prized vineyards of the Langhe and at the entrance of a historic village you will find the Residence Bricco Torricella, a nineteenth-century farmhouse recently restored to its original charm using the traditional materials and style of the Langa region.

The Bricco enjoys an enviable position in the area outside the small village of Monforte d’Alba, where the land is noted for its prestigious vineyards, the famed white truffle of Alba, and highly prized meats: in sum, it is a place that offers experiences and sensations that are extraordinary and unique.

Guests have five apartments to choose from, each furnished with every comfort for your enjoyment of the pleasures of vacationing in the midst of nature. Outside swimming pool and large green spaces, providing an experience of complete relaxation in a magical environment of colors, scents, and tranquility.

It is the ideal spot for a relaxing vacation and offers dazzling views of rolling hills, geometric vineyards, and the silhouettes of bell towers and castles.

Views and Landscape

1. Langhe

Tracts of land shaped by the water of the sea, the rivers, and untiring human effort. A natural amphitheater created by the Maritime Alps and the Tanaro and Bormida rivers. The landscape is extraordinary, unique, diverse and unmistakable.

The landscape of the Upper Langa varies from rugged and stepped terrain to gentle pastures, hazelnut groves and forests. The Lower Langa is noted for the elegant geometries of its vineyards, the origin of so many outstanding and world famous wines. One Langa knew the roads by which oil, salt, anchovies and pilgrims travelled. The other Langa is of flavors, scents, taste and feeling. One Langa still plays an ancient sport: pallapugno but there is also the Langa of culture, of Beppe Fenoglio and Cesare Pavese.

The Langa of castles, of towers, of churches, of farmhouses and of hills. The Langa is, in a word, unforgettable.

2. Monforte d'Alba

A town with ancient origins and built at the top of a hill overlooking the Langa and the alpine chain, it boasts a historical center that has preserved its medieval character. The town, built on a hill, is shaped like a fan, with narrow streets winding up towards the summit at an extremely steep incline and intersecting with parallel roads that follow the curve of the hill at a more level angle.

The village, besides being one of the most important centers in the Barolo area and known for its great wines, gastronomy and tourism, has established itself as a site of high-level cultural activity .

Of particular note are the initiatives of the Bottari-Lattes Foundation, winner of the Grinzane Prize (activities include the International Festival of Chamber Music "Seasonal Changes"; numerous art exhibitions featuring national and international artists, and the Marco Polo; project and the annual summer “Monfortinjazz”) concerts in the Horszowscki Auditorum, featuring musicians of international acclaim.